Customers of Ag-Pro, the business formerly known as Moore’s Lawn and Garden, located along South Washington Street, Millersburg, may see some minor changes to the store, but for the most part these are from the same old store with a new name.

Ag-Pro chief executive Errick Flinner said regular customers who might have been surprised to see the company’s ownership change hands in November, will find the service to be essentially the same with some benefits. to be part of a bigger company.

“With 77 slots, we have a lot more opportunities to get gear faster,” Flinner said. “Before, if we didn’t have an item in stock, we had to order it from the factory. Now we have outlets to the extent that we can look at all the other Ag-Pro sites and group them together.

“A huge benefit for our customers is being able to get the equipment faster,” he continued. “On a smaller level, if a store in Ohio has it, we can get it shipped here right away.”

He said the parts department receives daily deliveries from the company throughout the region.

“We have a lot more resources in terms of people to contact. If we don’t have a part, one of the other stores can have it, and we can have it here the next day,” Flinner said. “It comes down to service, which can also provide us with the necessary parts the next day.”

Strictly a John Deere Dealer

Kubota and Ventrac equipment are no longer offered by Ag-Pro. It is strictly a John Deere dealership, with the John Deere range of construction equipment, excavators, compact track loaders and handling machines.

Ag-Pro in Millersburg has 15 employees, most of all who worked there under Marlin Moore's ownership.  Ag-Pro is a John Deere dealer.

“This is a full farm dealership, so we have everything from large farm tractors to combines,” Flinner said. “We are able to get everything our customers need.”

He said the staff has remained the same and it will look like the same old store for regular customers.

Ag-Pro in Millersburg has 15 employees, most of all who worked there under Marlin Moore’s ownership.

“I think Marlin has built a good foundation of customer relationships when it comes to service over the 32 years he’s been in business,” Flinner said. “People who come here can expect the same service. We are here to provide the same service, only better.”

Moore ready to retire, work on his own tractors

Moore said he thought about retiring and in November he decided it was time.

“We had been talking about it for a few years,” Moore said. “It was a good time. It worked well for Errick and the team there. I think it was good for everyone. I think they will have advantages that I didn’t have in this regarding inventory and stuff like that.

“I’m 75 now, and after 32 years in business, I thought it was time to enjoy things a bit,” he continued. “I’m working on my own tractors now, and building a new garage where the old one wasn’t big enough, so I could work on the tractors.”

In 2019, Ag-Pro purchased Shearer Equipment from Wooster, making 7762 Cleveland Road another of 77 Ag-Pro stores.


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