A new company has approached the city of California to potentially expand into the region, the California city council of aldermen discussed at its monthly meeting Monday night.

Mayor Rich Green and the board spent part of the meeting discussing how best to move negotiations forward, as well as talking about several other issues on their agenda.

Green informed the board of directors that a manufacturing company from the state of California has approached the city to locate in the area. Although no official proposal was made by this company or the city, the council allowed the mayor to negotiate with the last group to approach them.

Green’s decision to reach out to this entity would be to see what they currently plan to come up with. There have been discussions among the members of the board of directors about the cession or sale of land. However, nothing was agreed upon by the board at Monday’s meeting, and future discussions await further consideration.

In the other cases, the council also returned to its discussion concerning the simplification of electricity tariffs. Alderman Resa Dudley has once again expressed concern about a change from the town’s current fare structure resulting in increased fares for residents. The board offered to make the change, but it failed again.

The council also heard comments from the community regarding their ongoing discussion on annexing the properties. Lawyer Ann Perry is working on a petition for people who wanted to be annexed.

Additionally, California Police Department Captain Ralph Parris honored three of his officers at the reunion, presenting them with letters of appreciation. Constables Melvin Knox, Erin Fitzwater and Kevin Morse have been recognized for their service in an investigation involving a high-risk threat to a child.

Each officer played an individual role in establishing the safety of the child at different stages of the investigation, Parris said, and he said he was very impressed and honored to work with these three officers and proud to see how much skill they had developed in the short time they were working in law enforcement.

Print Title: Aldermen Council Discuss Manufacturing Company Considering Relocation to California

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