This photo provided by Amazon shows the company’s new robot called Astro.

Courtesy of Amazon via AP

NEW YORK (AP) – Amazon’s new robot can hear, see, and follow you around the house, but it’s not Rosey the robot.

Amazon’s version, called Astro, doesn’t cook and clean like the animated character from “The Jetsons,” but it can check if you left the stove on while you were away or send an alert if someone walks in. home, this is not the case. to acknowledge.

It uses cameras, sensors, and artificial technology to avoid walls or dogs, and Amazon said Astro – who also happens to be Jetson’s dog’s name – will only get smarter over time. He does some housework: snacks or a can of soda can be placed on his back to be carried to someone across the house.

The $ 1,000 robot, which will ship to customers later this year, was among a slew of gadgets Amazon unveiled on Tuesday as part of its annual pre-holiday event.

Astro, however, stole the show. Amazon executive David Limp asked the 17-inch (43-centimeter) robot to take the stage at the virtual event, then asked him to beatbox. Its round digital eyes close or widen as tasks progress, giving it a human touch.

Amazon said a limited number of Astro’s will be sold, but did not provide a number.

Besides the robot, Amazon also unveiled a photo frame-like screen that can be hung on the wall and incorporates Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. The company plans to go into the kitchen, where users can view recipes, check their schedules, or watch a show while they cook.

Also on Tuesday, the Seattle-based company said its Echo listening devices will be installed in Disney hotel rooms next year so that guests can order towels from room service or ask for the means on. faster to get to a theme park.



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