Bosch, Mitsubishi Corporation and BPSE have agreed to work together to create a new service enabling the “Battery as a Service” business model by leveraging Bosch Battery in the Cloud technology, Mitsubishi Corporation’s battery service marketing capability and BPSE’s battery swap platform.

Bosch says that if the demand for electrification increases, the initial investment cost to deploy a fleet of electric vehicles, downtime during charging and battery uncertainty are some of the main factors preventing the electrification of commercial fleets.

A battery swap scheme is considered a major solution to provide greater efficiency for the use of electric vehicles while maximizing their availability. The parties create a new service by applying the Battery-in-the-cloud technology developed by Bosch.

Battery-in-the-cloud will continuously monitor and analyze the battery using AI, providing control to the battery to maximize life and performance and optimize the TOC of the electric vehicle fleet. The parties will apply this technology to the battery trading platform. By developing and providing a service to detect/predict the health, capacities and optimal usage of the battery over its lifetime, monitor battery health and provide battery insight into the battery to mobility service providers and financial institutions through a neutral and professional third-party asset management service, the parties will aim to reduce the main factors preventing electrification.

By providing this neutral and professional third-party battery asset management service, Bosch and Mitsubishi Corporation expect this to take advantage of the electrification of commercial electric vehicle fleets, lead to the use of used batteries on the second life market and reduce the total cost of ownership of the fleet. The two companies also plan to deploy this activity in other markets.


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