A 67-year-old maintenance worker from Mississippi Limestone Corp. died in April after attempting to repair the hopper of a mobile concrete batching plant. He was engulfed in stone.

An OSHA investigation found that his death could have been avoided had the employee not ignored federal workplace requirements. The project fined the company more than $ 118,000.

Based in Friars Point, Mississippi, the company manufactures concrete products and distributes limestone, sand and gravel.

OSHA cited the company for failing to assess the workplace to determine that spaces such as the rock hopper were confined spaces required by a permit.

Investigators also found that the company had not established a written permit space program for workers, had not provided employees with adequate training, and had not implemented a monitoring program. energy for workers performing maintenance on the concrete plant.

Mississippi Limestone Corp. was also cited for intentionally exposing workers to fall hazards by not installing a stair railing system on the open side of the concrete batching plant. The company did not train and evaluate every operator of motorized industrial trucks and did not remove hazardous vehicles from service as required.


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