Burlington, VT, October 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Mamava, the creator of the self-contained lactation suites category, announces the acquisition of its manufacturing operations based in Springfield, Vermont. The company will now operate as Mamava Manufacturing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mamava, Inc.

This vertical integration provides greater autonomy in the development of new products, enhances Mamava’s design capabilities, and creates production efficiencies that will both improve the customer experience and drive business growth. Mamava Manufacturing will be led by CEO of Mamava co-founders, Sascha Mayer, and COO Christine Dodson. Mark Wiggins, executive vice president of operations at Mamava, will oversee manufacturing operations.

In-house manufacturing is a big step forward for Mamava, a company born to transform the culture of breastfeeding by increasing equitable access to the structural support breastfeeding parents need at work and on the go. The company placed its first pod at Burlington International Airport in 2013. Today, Mamava offers a full range of lactation space solutions with comprehensive creative service options, and a free Mamava app that helps breastfeeding parents find thousands of lactation spaces, not just Mamava pods, wherever they go. There are currently over 1,900 Mamava Pods in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

“We are thrilled to be a women-owned company doing this work in Vermont,” says Christine Dodson, COO and co-founder of Mamava. “We believe that women are essential to the future of the manufacturing sector. We hope that running our own production will not only make the world a friendlier place for breastfeeding parents, but will also help reshape the way women view manufacturing jobs. Gender diversity benefits companies by improving their ability to innovate and design with the customer in mind. We hope to attract more women into manufacturing roles as we expand the facility and serve as a national example for women who build products based on their own inventions.

Effective September 1, Mamava acquired the relevant equipment in a 34,000 square foot manufacturing facility from Konrad Prefab, which was Mamava’s contract manufacturer. Mamava has hired twelve employees already working at the facility and, since the closure, has hired two additional employees, with more positions expected to be added in the near future. Local lenders Vermont Community Loan Fund and Mascoma

Bank have been Mamava’s financial partners for several years and have helped support this transaction.

Konrad Prefab was established in 2016 by architect and manufacturer David Jaacks to manufacture the Mamava nacelle designs that he developed in collaboration with the Mamava team. Konrad Prefab from Jaacks moved to a new manufacturing site in Springfield, focused on a new business.

“We are grateful for the partnership with Konrad Prefab and for the opportunity to acquire the company and its former employees. They are a great team with deep expertise in the manufacture of our products. Owning the facilities gives us the space to support research and development of new products, ”said Mark Wiggins, executive vice president of operations at Mamava.

About Mamava

Mamava, the leading expert in breastfeeding space design, is dedicated to transforming breastfeeding culture in the United States by providing flexible breastfeeding space solutions designed to meet the needs of breastfeeding families. Mamava pods are linked to a proprietary smart technology system that allows easy orientation and autonomous access. Parents can open them with the free Mamava app (available for ios and Android ). The app also allows moms to see capsule availability, activate vacancy alerts, adjust interior lighting and airflow, and leave digital notes of support for the next person. Best of all, the app helps breastfeeding women find thousands of places (controlled by Mamava) to pump on the go, not just Mamava pods, never a bathroom. To find out more, visit Mamava at mamava.com, and follow Mamava on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. B-roll and additional images available on request.


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