Requirements to reside in Uruguay by investment program

There is a way to obtain Uruguay Golden Visa Residency By Investment Program

There are several ways to obtain a residence permit in Uruguay. It is important to note that if you arrive in Uruguay as a tourist, you will not have to leave the country to start filing procedures in the Latin American country, unlike other countries, which do require you to leave the country to process your residence from the country of origin.

Thus, any foreigner who is in Uruguay on a temporary basis, that is, as a tourist, may request authorization to manage a change of category to a permanent legal resident, provided that not more than 180 days have passed since entering the country that established the maximum period of stay as a tourist. The National Migration Office will resolve in each case.

Uruguayan entry and exit card (delivered by Migration upon entering the national territory, or in the absence of a photocopy of your passport stating the entry stamp to the country, otherwise you must clarify the exact date in which you entered the country, as well as As the entry point used For those nationalities that require a consular visa to enter the national territory (visas of investors, rentiers, work, student, tourist, etc), you must attach photocopies of the passport pages where they appear: personal data, validity of the passport, last obtained Uruguayan consular visa and stamp of entry to the country. Read more useful informaiton at

The children or spouses of Uruguayans, and spouses and minor children, of foreigners residing legally or in the process in the country, may start the residency.

For the request of change of category, the foreigner must initiate the procedure of legal residence in the country contributing the following documentation:

1.- Two Photos Card.

2.- Prove to possess the activity that gives rise to your admission as Temporary Resident.

3.- Health Card:

Issued by the Ministry of Public Health or by authorized medical institutions. In all cases, it must be stated in the document that it is FOR TEMPORARY RESIDENCE IN THE COUNTRY, OR FOR RADICATION.

4.- Exact date of entry to the country:

Tourist card or verbal manifestation to be corroborated in the passenger list.

5.- Criminal Background.

THE FOREIGNER, FROM 15 YEARS OF AGE, SHOULD PROVIDE CERTIFICATE OF GOOD CONDUCT OF THE COUNTRY WHERE I LIVED THE LAST FIVE YEARS BEFORE ITS ENTRANCE TO URUGUAY. The certificate of good conduct must be legalized before the corresponding Uruguayan Consulate, and legalized before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Montevideo. If you are not in Spanish, you must attach the corresponding official translation, made by a public translator.

6.- Identity Document with which you entered the country or the current one in force, original and two photocopies.

In the case of a passport, two photocopies of the same will also be presented, including the pages that registry entry to the country and the last visa issued, if applicable. If there is a difference between the surnames that appear on the foreigner’s identity document and the surnames that he or she will use in Uruguay -in application of Uruguayan laws, which place first the first paternal surname and then the first maternal surname- the applicant must provide legalized birth certificate (and translated, if applicable), or testimony of the person registered in the Uruguayan Civil Registry.

7.- Notebook or Marriage Certificate

8.- Cost of Permanent Legal Residence


To begin the temporary residence process, all the requirements outlined above must be presented. In addition to the obligatory requirements detailed above, the National Immigration Office has the power to seek the opinions of other State agencies that it deems appropriate, before resolving the request of temporary residence. The National Immigration Office may revoke the temporary residence permit by means of a well-founded resolution. If the applicant does not speak Spanish, he or she must attend an interpreter. Any foreign document submitted to be added to the file must be legally authenticated. the Uruguayan Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and if it were the case translated into Spanish. In the case of a foreigner under the age of 18, in addition to complying with the requirements. 1, 3, 4 and 6, must submit an express authorization from their parents to settle temporarily in Uruguay. If the child is not going to live with any of his or her parents, it must be established by his or her parents that the adult is responsible for him or her in the country, from which their consent will be obtained.