Today, we’re going to discuss an ever-evolving vulnerability in the industrial sector: cloud network and data security. We are obviously talking about the use of IT infrastructure that is not physically located in the plant or facility.

It’s a platform that continues to see an increase in usage. In fact, Netwrix, a leading provider of cloud network security solutions, recently cited in its latest Cloud Data Security Report, that organizations plan to increase the amount of work done in the cloud from 41% to 54% by the end of 2023.

Specifically, it means an increased reliance on cloud storage for corporate financial information and intellectual property.

And while that’s good news for cloud service providers, they apparently aren’t the only ones benefiting from this trend. Netwrix also reported that 53% of respondents experienced a cyberattack targeting their cloud network in the past 12 months.

But perhaps the most chilling statistic in the report is that despite these findings, 78% say they are satisfied with their cloud security.

Dirk Schrader, Vice President of Security Research at Netwrix.

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