Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) announced a $27 million investment in Toyota Auto Body Company, Inc. (TABC) to support increased production capacity.

“Toyota’s roots in California run deep,” said Chris Reynolds, executive vice president, Corporate Resources, TMNA. “This investment demonstrates our continued commitment to doing business in the Golden State, investing in our operations across the United States, and building where we sell.”

Investment will equip TABC with the first coil-fed laser cutting line for ASMR, expand cutting capacity to include steel and aluminum on the same line, and increase capacity to cut 5.6 million blanks per year .

Additionally, these additional capabilities will allow TABC to better support Tacoma production at TMNA’s facilities in Baja, California and Guanajuato, Mexico. The investment will also support the transition of 25 variable employees from TABC to permanent positions at Toyota.

“Today’s investment reflects our team’s commitment to producing high-quality products for Toyota vehicles assembled in North America,” said TABC President Jim Zehmer. “We look forward to continuing our vital role in Toyota’s continued growth. »

Founded in 1972, TABC is Toyota’s oldest plant in North America. It supports stamping and welding of Tacoma parts and earlier model replacement parts for several Toyota vehicles produced in North America.

The facility employs over 350 people and represents an investment of $485 million.


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