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Future Proof of Property creates and stores digital property records and now offers service in northern Colorado and Minnesota!

Digital image recordings are an essential disaster recovery tool that is most often overlooked. We should make digital photos and videos the foundation of any disaster preparedness and recovery plan. »

—Diana Wilson, Founder

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, USA, July 18, 2022 / — FUTURE PROOF OF PROPERTY, a unique photography profession which takes digital images of the property and stores them for future reference, announced that it is now planning services in northern Colorado and in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The Marshall Fire that burned through Boulder County, Colorado in December 2021 was the driving force behind the creation of their one-of-a-kind business model, which aims to help and expedite the filing of insurance claims after loss of property due to natural disasters, accidents or crime. “Digital image recordings are an essential disaster recovery tool that is most often overlooked. We should make digital photos and videos the foundation of any disaster preparedness and recovery plan. said Diana Wilson, the company’s founder.

The company sends a team of cameramen to create hundreds of high-resolution digital photos and videos as proof of a property’s materials, condition, improvements and contents as of a proven date. The client receives a set of images, as well as links to free private cloud storage and property inventory checklists. Original, unedited images, including all embedded metadata, are stored long-term in a private, cloud-based locker that is computer-monitored to ensure the originals are not accessed or subject to tampering. There is no cost for long-term storage of the original images, and customers can request another set of images at any time in the future for a modest processing fee. As creators of the original images, Future Proof of Property can also authenticate and certify the original images if required for legal proceedings and estate administration.

All staff at Future Proof of Property undergo background checks and the equipment they use encrypts and stores images as soon as they are taken, protecting the privacy of clients. All employees, referred to as “Future-Proofers”, are fully insured for liability and workers’ compensation. Maintaining confidentiality and discretion is a condition of their employment that the crew takes seriously.

The company plans to expand to other states and regions where there is interest in its digital evidence services. They also expect to see increased interest in using third-party companies to create and certify digital images from now on, as photo editing software is readily available for free, creating a growing need to certify images. modern and to use photographic techniques that add probative value.

Future Proof of Property charges a flat hourly rate based on the number of cameramen deployed (usually 2) and the time the team spends on site creating the footage of the property, usually between 1.5 and 2.25 hours for an average sized family. residence. Free quotes can be requested via their website. FPOP can customize its shooting sequence to meet special customer requests, such as emphasis on special collections, architectural hardware, device serial numbers, fire/CO detectors and equipment, etc. . Discounts are available for recurring clients who oversee multiple real estate assets, such as as insurance brokers, property managers, property planners, vacation rental companies, and real estate attorneys.

Although their primary focus is to photograph real estate and personal property, Future Proof of Property will also film and legalize living wills, bequests and estates.

Ms. Wilson identified nearly 20 years ago the need for a third party photo proof service for the rental property management industry and was committed to starting such a business when she was ready to retire. . But the increasing incidence of floods and wildfires in Colorado in recent years, particularly the Marshall Fire, prompted her to drop everything and start the business now, knowing that photographic evidence would be invaluable to those who suffer a major loss or live in danger. “If you can help improve someone’s peace of mind, you should,” she said.

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